Monthly Archives: January 2011

[stonedeep 011.2]

The second part of 011 is our for listen! It’s fresh, it’s house, it’s techno, it’s great! We’re sure this one’s going to sweet your ears. Enjoy!



[stonedeep 011.1]

Another set is proudly presented by DSUS! This release is recorded in two episodes, this one’s a very dark and dubby and the other…will soon find out :), certain is that this release is perfect for your evenings at home. And it’s 90 minutes. Enjoy!

New adress!

I thank all our members and listeners for the fidelity you have proven for our project and for that, we will take it more in serious and we hope with the change of our adress to improve in the future the quality of the site and prepare more surprises. I thank to all the members and the artists of DSUS aswell and I consider every set special in his own way. Keep up the great work you’re doing!


DSUS Founder.


Our new adress will be the main adress, but the other, will still be functional aswell.

[stonedeep 010]


Here we are at the 10th release! We brought you something wonderful, again from a new member, that gives you a special deep sound which will take you far far away…we welcome our new artist and hope you do the same by listening and appreciate his work. Enjoy!



[stonedeep 09]

Happy 2011 to everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. We’re back with a new member that made a great set with a deep and techy sound that will please you gently from start untill the end…you’ll see. Enjoy!